Friday, April 13, 2012

“No drama and no unnecessary screaming and shouting in Suron Ka Maha Sangram” - Kalpana Patowary

The journey has been pretty exciting. In 2002, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa was the greatest musical talent hunt show. I was a part of it. Getting the trophy from Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan”s hands is still the most memorable day of my life. And now, in 2012, I am again part of Mahua channels hit musical reality show series - Suron Ka Maha Sangram, which is the first-of-its-kind Bhojpuri music reality show on air. 

Looking super hot and sexy, singer Kalpana Patowary promises to ensure there’s NO DRAMA on the music reality show. “I can promise you that from my end, that there will be no drama and no unnecessary screaming and shouting. This is a musical reality show and we are here to find the best singer. It’s best that we stick to that rather than have other drama. Suron Ka Maha Sangram will be as real as it should be,” she emphasizes.
The first 2 season of Sur Sangram did really well. But whenever I read stories and comments in the media, they said 'The show is fantastic, but the singers could be better'. They said I was very good and honest, brought glamour to the show and sometimes even sang and danced ! But they wanted the singers to be better.

Suron Ka Maha Sangram is about singing. It is not about the judges. We both the judges along with the channel promised ourselvesthat we would look for good singers this time. For that, we fought and argued with each other, to give the best possible participants.

Commenting on the arguments and fights on the show, Kalpana emphasizes that the judges go through a lot of pain. You have not seen the environment there, when lakhs of participants come, with their parents and family members, in front of you, and you have to select just a handful. The environment is so intense that sometimes the participants get upset and angry with you, and question your credibility. You have to answer them. The arguments are not planned and not there for TRPs. Suppose I dislike a singer and the other judge likes him or her, there is bound to be an argument. But that does not mean we don't know our jobs. Plus it is not a personal fight. Again, let me specify that the whole fight is for that one voice.

This year we want a good singer. The rest of the things, the packaging, can come later.”
The talent we have here is so organized now. These contestants are ready to take on the world. But they should not have too much attitude. Mohan Rathode & Alok Kumar of Sur Sangram I won because they were humble. I told them that they were great singers and they should not have pride in their eyes, as the audience could see it.
I think every singer should develop his/her own individuality. Like, I am aware that my voice has certain uniqueness and when it comes to a particular genre of singing, no one can compete with me.  I am madly in love with means the world to me.


Kalpana ji namskar. Mai kah rahatha ki sur sangram me jo bhi jaj hai un logo mai sirf apka jajment hi good hota hai. Baki sab log jaj keyo bane jab music ki samajh na ho to es tarah se ma sarswati ka apman nahi karna chahia. Ap dhannajay ji ko jajment me thora help keyo nahi kar deti. Wo hamesa galat disijan dete hai keyoki ham bhi t v par so dekh kar sahi galat ka anuman lagate hai.. Baki apka jawab nahi esi tarah good dicijan or good song gate rahiye..................Bay
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