Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trilok Gurtu @ Kalpana Patowary together in Blue Frog,Mumbai on 6th & 8th Sep 2009.

BHOJPURI QUEEN @ TRILOK Gurtu performed live in Blue Frog, Mumbai on 6th  @  8th Sep 2009.

Singer Kalpana completed the first phase of promotional tour of her new album of world music- "MASSICAL released from the BirdJAM LABEL Germany.

Kalpana touched a high by performing with with world class India’s virtuoso percussionist and bandleader Trilok Gurtu, one of the most dynamic and prolific musician.

She gave an electrifying live performances with Trilok Gurtu at Blue Frog with the Indian band -Nitin Shankar on percussion - Ravi Chari on Sitar, Sheldon on Bass and special guest Dhruv Ghanekar on lead guitar that left the crowds asking for more. 

Kalpana was the 'lady with the golden voice'.She has a uniquely soulful, raw, high-pitched voice, a voice that had its own unique space,a voice with pure soul. Her tantalizing foot tapping concert at Blue frog was a total sell out. Her trademark singing passion and a speed of delivery that would wear out wannabes her age. 

She says, this was undoubtedly one of my best concerts. To perform with the living legend was truly remarkable.

The band together belt out a brilliant synthesis of folk and contemporary music.With her musical charm in this album - MASSICAL, she has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. She is going much beyond her Bhojpuri image; she has gone a step further that is sure to get the entire nation ecstatic.

This Assamese girl is the darling of the North Indian belt and has been christened the uncrowned BHOJPURI QUEEN.She has already sung more than 7000 songs for 22 languages.

She has a burning sense of traditional rhythm and groove and deeply rooted in Nirgun,Purvi,Kajree,Pachra(devi geet) folk forms. Kalpana is equally comfortable with every genre of music - be it rock, pop, jazz, country or folk. 

I am happy to be a part and collaborated with international unique' musicians like Carlo Cantini , Jan Garbarek, Phil Drummy, Roland Cabezas, Stefano Dall’Ora with musical instruments ranging from the Hawaiian lapsteel guitar to the Australian didge to the American duduk to some close to 40 other instruments. 

This album - MASSICAL will give fusion aficionados to rejoice this year. 

Says Kalpana - In one track Mumbai Shuffle-I have sung tribal songs from Assam.The rhythm and groove is the same in Africa where they like to enjoy music and dance is a major factor, they are only different geographically.

In the other track, Massical I have fused Banarasi thumri with Goalparia Lok Geet of Assam.

To quote Trilok Gurtu’s own words,“Music has to be there for everyone-it is the masses who have to decide about music and not the classes.The classes always have the money.But you always have to reach the masses.That’s why I say music is Massical, not classical.”

This international release of MASSICAL and the extensive touring plans and prestigious venues in the coming year reflects Kalpana’s desire to build an audience in the rest of the world.

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gautam said...

Hi,Kalpna ..
Pls attach that video ,if you r available....coz the dress you were wearing was my design and it was quite stunning you were looking....
I was trying to search you on you tube..but i didnt found you..

Thanks ,

vishram yadav said...

hi kalpna ji u r great singer and the queen of bhojpuri world. i wish to GOD that u touch the hights of success in this new year.