Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gawanwa Leja Rajaji – a quick recap.

Gawanwa Leja Rajaji

…pichhe dekh ke bohot khush hu, aur just enjoing with all of you…. Rajeshji aur Vinayji ko thanks…. Mujhe har kadam pe hath pakad ke Bhojpuri ki khubsurat dunia me lane ke liye….mere liye Bhojpuri matlab KHUSHHALI…..  

Kalpana Patowary is one of the industries’ most talented and the best-selling female artist of all time. She has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere. Blessed with a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, the singularly talented star singer continues to reach new heights of artistic growth and popularity.

Way back in 2003, during a recording session in Mumbai, music director Rajesh Gupta and lyricist Vinay Bihari made a point that newcomer Kalpana despite being a talented singer was always asked to sing only 2/3 songs in Chaila Bihari’s albums who was a hit Bhojpuri singer and there was a craze for Bhojpuri albums in the Bhojpuri dominated regions. Both discussed that they should make a solo album on Kalpana. They made a file which has to be signed and passed by the head honcho of T- series Bhushan Kumar. When lyricist Vinay Bihari presented the file before Bhushan Kumar, he got angry and threw the file asking Vinay Bihari why he had not taken permission from him and why a solo album of Kalpana has to be made. This made the lyricist furious and he said that no one has the right to abuse him and he should not take permission from any one. He took the file and vowed before Bhushan Kumar that he will release this album from Venus cassettes which was the only music label active at that time and he will never return to T-series. At this Bhushan Kumar said sorry and asked the accounts department to go about with the album. The rest is HISTORY….

Kalpana (Laughs) - I was paid only Rs 7580/= for 8 songs after deducting 5.25% TDS on Rs 8000/= for the iconic songs I had sung for the hit album “Gawanwa Leja Rajaji” in the year 2003. This album was the turning point of Bhojpuri music Industry and took Bhojpuri music from regional to international market. The concept of the album was about a newly wedded couple in an urban joint family. Gawanwa Leja Rajaji strongly resonated with audiences, becoming that year's best-selling album in India and selling more than 1 crore units nationwide to date.  This album turned to be a milestone and it established an industry – yes, this album Gawanwa Leja Rajaji revolutionised the album industry of Bhojpuri music and there was no looking back. From that time till now the industry has evolved so much that now it has become a global industry.


Kaptan Mali said...

excellent Kalpanaji. u really revotunalised the bhojpuri industry. god bless u.

umesh said...

realy this was first bhojpuri album, which i have wached. and after this i became fan of kalpana as well as bhojpuri and VINAY BIHARI. thanks kalpana for giving this album.