Tuesday, May 19, 2009

World Music - Kalpana & Trilok Gurtu together.

MASSICAL - Step by step. Kalpana's journey to the top.

Singer Kalpana recently worked in an album together with world class India’s virtuoso percussionist and bandleader Trilok Gurtu, one of the most dynamic and prolific musicians on a new project MASSICAL which will be released at the end of May on the BirdJAM LABEL Germany.

Says Kalpana- World music has become an established genre in which Trilok Gurtu has further “ploughed his own furrow” with his own group, to great effect, performing and recording.

Trilok Gurtu was born into a highly musical family in Bombay, India where his grandfather was a noted Sitar player and his mother Shobha Gurtu, a classical singing star.

Says Kalpana,I was very happy when I got a call to render my voice for two tracks for MASSICAL.

In one track Mumbai Shuffle-I have sung tribal songs from Assam.The rhythm and groove is the same in Africa where they like to enjoy music and dance is a major factor, they are only different geographically.

In the other track, Massical I have given vocals of a Banarasi thumri.

Massical: Making all kinds of music without categories to reach people (the MASS) who love music in daily life to get rid of names and drawers. Let music be as it is in its original form; it is a GREAT MEDIUM to create and make the human race closer to each other making the world a better place to live in.

She Says, I have always listened to Shobha Gurtu’s songs and dreamt as my idol and without having met her I am happy to be a part with international unique' musicians like Carlo Cantini , Jan Garbarek, Phil Drummy, Roland Cabezas, Stefano Dall’Ora .

Kalpana Patowary has a burning sense of rhythm and she is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition, so it is no surprise to see that collaborations also took place with the glitterati of International musicians. She is working out on her next international project with Faizal Quareshi and Nitin Shankar.

                                  "…the songs on Massical feel like acoustic balm. When you're listening, you forget everything you ever learned about music. You drop all your prejudices and surrender yourself to the flow that seems to drive out the gold of the millennia through the present into the future."

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