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Kalpana Patowary #Independent groove at Blue Frog Mumbai 2016.

Kalpana Patowary is a prolific vocalist, based in Mumbai. She has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in India and on the International arena. In 2009, Kalpana Patowary got introduced to world renowned percussionist Trilok Gurtu and together they collaborated for a Neo jazz folk fusion project “Massicle” released from BirdJam Label Germany and later Times Music  India. Kalpana also performed live with Trilok Gurtu as the main vocalist and the band performed in Blue Frog, Bacardi Nh7 Weekender in Pune and Bandra music festival. Kalpana’s experimentation with various folk forms, led to the release of a world music album, titled “The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut” about the reformer, wandering philosopher, saint and poet, Mahapurush Srimanta Shankardeva and Madhavdeva.The album features collaborations with Trilok Gurtu again, Guru Rewben Mashangva – the father of Naga folk blues, and PAPON Angarag Mahanta,  the lead singer and founder of the folk-fusion band called Papon and The East India Company.

On the 3rd edition of Mtv@CokeStudio, she performed with Papon for the Rajasthani fusion track “Baisara Beera”.

Presently Kalpana is seen with Dhruv Ghanekar, the co-founder of the path breaking Blue Frog - a State of the Art Live Performance venue, most sought after composer, producer and highly respected Guitar player based in Mumbai who balances his time scoring music and performing his funky brand of Jazz and Indian sound.

Dhruv Ghanekar collaborated with Kalpana for the song “Baare Baare” on his album Voyage, weaving a rich tapestry of Assamese folk and traditional grooves combining with tunes of Maghreb region of North Africa.  'Voyage' is a musical sojourn of various international cultures as seen and heard through Dhruv’s Indian lens. In 2015, Kalpana Patowary produced a Bhojpuri musical document “Anthology of Birha” a folk form of the Ahirs of Uttar Pradesh. They together collaborated on a track Khadi Birha from the album ‘Anthology of Biraha ‘in the 4th season of Mtv@CokeStudio with folk tunes of the Ahirs of Uttar Pradesh merged with African music.

Kalpana Patowary is one of the few stalwarts who have popularized Bhojpuri folk music combining with contemporary style. The growth of the Bhojpuri Indie music genre can be attributed to a few determined artists like Kalpana Patowary who takes Bhojpuri music to the class. Kalpana's work on this season of Mtv@CokeStudio has been critically lauded and videos of his tracks have received thousands of views on YouTube within a week.

Now they form a band “DhruvVoyage” where Kalpana Patowary is on vocals, Gino Banks on Drums, Sheldon in Bass Guitars, Arthur Gregorian on sexaphones and Ramon Ibrahim on Keyboards and Dhruv Ghanekar on guitar. The six members came from backgrounds varying from folk to jazz and blues to Indian sound.

As promotional activity, this band has performed in True school of Music Mumbai. The band has also performed at the October fest Bacardi Nh7 Weekender - the happiest music festival in Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune. They performed for the first anniversary of Blue Frog Bangalore this 17th June 2016 and will be performing live on 24th June 2016 in Blue Frog Mumbai with featured guest Carl Clements,Saxophonist and Flautist from America.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kalpana Patowary wins the ‪#‎BestBhojpuri‬‪#‎PlaybackSingerAward‬ in #‎IBFADubai‬ 2016.

She is the first person from North East India to receive this prestigious award for four consecutive years.

On 21st May,Hindu High School, Bur in Dubai became a galaxy of artistes, actors, directors and producers of the Bhojpuri cinema world .Chief guest of Honour were Finance minister of Bihar Mr Abdul Bari Siddiqui, His Excelency Anurag Bhushan (Consul General of Dubai India), Bappi Lahari, Kumar Shanu.This event was Sponsered by Yashi Enterprises and Co sponsored by Bihar Tourism.

Today Kalpana Patowary is the most sought after singer of Bhojpuri Cinema and is the best-selling female artist - Kalpana Patowary has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere.

But years back the story was not the same. Whereas the first Bhojpuri film produced by Vishwanath Sahabadi in 1961, Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Charaihobo, post 1961, only five films were released in next 10 years. In 1978 Bhojpuri cinema got an impetus with Ashok Jain making Dangal. Dangal phenomenon gave way to a reasonable number of successful films from 1980-1990, that included Bitia Bhail Sayan , Bhaiya Dooj, Bairi sawan, Bansuriya Baje, Chandwa ke take Chakor, Dharati Maiyya , Dulha Ganga par ke, Ganga Kinare Mora Gao, Ganga Ghat, Ganga Ke Tir, Ganga Mare Laheria, Hamar Bhauji, Piya Nirmohiya, Saiyya Tere Karan, Sonwa ke Pinjra and Senur. Not too many you can count them on your fingers, and that was supposed to be golden era of Bhojpuri cinema!!!1990-2000 is supposed to be the darkest period in Bhojpuri cinema as there wasn’t a single movie released during this period.

The next big thing was “ Sasura Bara Paisewala”. Made on a budget of 30 lakhs this film went on to make 25 crore Music of this film really turned to be a milestone and here comes Kalpana Patowary’s golden voice to fulfill a long cherished dream of forming a platform to sustain the dying Bhojpuri film industry. Years later she is being compared to the golden voice of Indian cinema Lata Mangeshkar. Yes, Kalpana Patowary is respected as The Lata Mangeshkar of Bhojpuri Cinema.

Hereafter, there was no looking back and today Bhojpuri film industry is the fifth largest film industry in India. From that time till now Bhojpuri film industry has evolved so much that now it has become a global industry. She has sung in more than 200 Bhojpuri films near about 10000 songs on her part as playback vocal. Other than that she sings in 28 other languages and 7000 other songs on her credit.

Dhruv Voyage to perform in Palm Expo 2016 Mumbai.


Dhruv Voyage to perform on 26th May in the Harman Live Arena at PALM Expo 2016 with his musical ensemble.

The three-day pro audio, lighting and music expo in Mumbai includes live performances by over 20 artists, including instrumental rock act like Shivamani and Louiz Banks duo, Ananthal - Clinton Cerejo, Backstratblues, Ranjit Barot.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dhruvs Voyage


Assamese folk singer lures record crowd at London Bihu 2016

Assamese folk singer lures record crowd in London Bihu 2016

   BOLLYWOOD and Assamese folk singer Kalpana Patowary drew a record crowd to this year’s London Bihu.


More than 260 people gathered at the Campion School in Hornchurch last Saturday (9 April) to see her perform as part of the British capital’s bihu celebrations.

Professor Jayanta Barua, the London Bihu Committee’s president, said: “After welcoming our guests with traditional bihu snacks we had a wonderful and eclectic mix of talented performances –traditional husori, bihu nas and bihugeet from local artistes - we were drawn in to the showstopper guest artist Kalpana Patowary.”

Kalpana is known for numerous Bhojpuri songs and Bollywood numbers in films like Billu and R. Rajkumar and Assamese films including Ahetuk.


Dr Neera Borkakoti, Committee treasurer, estimated that at one time over 60 percent of the people were dancing either with the artist on the stage or in the hall.

She said: “Kalpana is an impressive artist with a striking voice and larger than life personality who effortlessly involved the audience in her performance during the entire show.”

The guest artist said she was honoured to be invited to join London’s bihu. Kalpana Patowary said: “Coming to Bihu, I got a warm welcome from everybody, the stage was mind blowing, the audience were energetic - mostly the feminine energy.


Zaved Choudhury, the London Bihu’s Cultural Secretary said he and the Publicity Secretary Manas Borah invited Kalpana as they wanted to showcase how ‘vibrant and versatile’ artists from Assam are.


Mr Choudhury added: “We are building on 30 years of hard work by the senior members of the UK’s Assamese community. They preserved and passed on the rich Assamese heritage to the next generations and it has given us the basis we needed to bring exciting talent such as Kalpana to the London Stage.”

The Committee believe another factor that has led to this year’s record attendance is an increased interest in Assamese culture from non-Assamese people. 

Briton Nick Humphries and his family, who have previously visited Assam, travelled more than 230 miles from Liverpool to attend their first bihu.

“The London Bihu certainly didn't disappoint,” Mr Humphries explained. “We were made to feel welcome the moment we crossed the threshold; the array of colours from beautifully dressed men and women and the smells of the Indian treats and sweets on offer.

“The music was loud and the singing and dancing was louder and great to be a part of.”

Many bihu revellers commented that one highlight was this year’s husori. Committee member Jayanta Borkakoti was among them: “The participation was great as it was a mix of generations and backgrounds all coming together in a spectacle which for me was a microcosm of the whole event.


4-year-old Ruhi Goswami, the youngest husori participant, loved being involved: “When on the big stage I was very very happy and did not get scared while dancing in front of lots of people. I loved it and want to do Bihu Husori again next year.” 

Committee president Professor Jayanta Barua summed up how many felt about this year’s event: “For the ex-pat community and their friends and families, I really believe we created a little piece of Assam in London. The bar has been set high, will be difficult to beat.”

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