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Bihar Diwas 2012 - Bhojpuri Queen Kalpana Patowary to sing for 100th Bihar Diwas in Mumbai.

Mumbai: 21 . 03 . 2012
Bhojpuri Queen - Kalpana Patowary will render a specially presentation as a distinguished guest on March 22, 2012 at 100th Bihar Diwas celebration organized by the Mumbai Chapter of Bihar Foundation, a Government of Bihar Initiative to be held at Sri Sanmukkhananda Hall, Sion, Mumbai.
March 22, 1912 marks the day when the British carved out Bihar from Bengal Presidency which then comprised Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and Assam. Making the announcement, Mumbai chapter of Bihar Foundation Hon. Chairman, Ravishankar Srivastava told media persons that the song would be composed and set to music by the singer herself. "She is famous for her musical works. We have requested her to perform her magic with a composition for this momentous occasion," Ravishankar Srivastava said.
The celebrations of the Bihar Day will cross the boundaries of the country. The 100th foundation day of Bihar will be celebrated with gaiety and fervor in several countries where the state's culture and cuisine will be on display with Indians, mostly Bhojpuri-speaking people, singing and dancing to the tunes of Bhojpuri lyrics and watching Bihar's heritage and Bhojpuri films on screens.

California and New Jersey in the US, Sydney in Australia, Seoul in South Korea, Qatar and Bahrain in the Gulf, besides Canada and Trinidad are the countries which will observe Bihar Day with pomp and grandeur. Ravi Verma in California and Veerendra Kumar in New Jersey, Shekhar Kishore and Amit Das in Sydney, Ghyasuddin Ahmad in Manama (Bahrain), Shakil Kakvi in Doha (Qatar) and Vibhuti Vikramaditya in Seoul are the Foundation representatives who are making preparations to arrange the gala events where the colours of Bihar will be on display. The colours of Holi, the piousness of Chhath festival, the folklores like Alha, Bidesia of Bhikhari Thakur and Vidyapati songs will be enjoyed by the people at the functions, who will also relish Bihari cuisine.

The Mumbai chapter is headed by additional excise commissioner Ravishankar Srivastava and inspector general of police Amar Kumar Pandey is chairman of the Bangalore chapter. In Kolkata, the chapter is headed by Mani Prasad and in Chennai, Shobhakant Das is making arrangements to make the event lively and memorable.

Bihar Foundation is an initiative of the government of Bihar and its motto is bonding, branding and business. The government has set up the Foundation to connect and leverage the large network of non -resident Biharis who are willing to contribute towards development of Bihar.

Kalpana Patowary – The Bhojpuri Queen, has brought this part of our cultural heritage the dignity and high seriousness of classical expression as a translucence added to the warmth & spontaneity of the folk world.

In 2001, with endless aspirations and immense confidence, Kalpana moved towards Mumbai the dream city of India. A disciple of Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Kalpana was fortunate to con music from him in order to shape her career. With her debut on Bhojpuri album “ Gawanwa Leja Rajaji ” she raised a storm which heralded the dawn of new era in the realm of Bhojpuri folk music. Released in 2003, Gawanwa Leja Rajaji strongly resonated with audiences, becoming that year's best-selling album in India and selling more than 1 crore units nationwide to date. Kalpana broke milestones with the album which opened the Bhojpuri music industry in India.  Her contribution to Bhojpuri cinema, Bhojpuri albums and devotional songs is voluminous and of very high quality. Says Kalpana, my first Bhojpuri film for which I sang was “SAIYA SE KARDA MILANWA HEY RAM” and the second was GANGA JAISAN MAI HAMAR. But the 3rd film really turned to be a milestone and once again it established an industry – yes, SASURA BADA PAISAWALA. Bhojpuri Cinema was revolutionized by Sasura Bada Paisewala. Made with a budget of Rs. 30 lakhs, the film collected a gross earning of over Rs. 25 crore. Hereafter, there was no looking back for the Bhojpuri film industry.

From that time till now Bhojpuri film industry has evolved so much that now it has become a global industry. The best-selling female artist of all time - Kalpana has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere. Bhojpuri folk music has been showcased and revived by Kalpana in a big way. As Kalpana says, I don’t want my folk music to be trapped in our villages. Yes it’s safe there in its original form, but of no use unless we make the world hear our very soulful and meditative music. So to make it global I am trying to blend the music of my homeland with world music and other genres. This passion for traditional music, the burning sense of rhythm and grooves made singer Kalpana worked in an album together with world class India’s virtuoso percussionist and bandleader Trilok Gurtu, one of the most dynamic and prolific musicians on a new project MASSICAL released from BIRD JAM label Germany and collaborated with international unique musicians like Carlo Cantini, Jan Garbarek, Phil Drummy, Roland Cabezas, Stefano Dall’Ora.

She is deeply rooted in Nirgun, Purvi, Kajree, Pachra(devi geet), Bihu,Goalporia folk forms. Some of these forms which have become extinct were presented by Kalpana in different stages.

She have given many a hit songs like ‘Man ke Sawaria’, ‘Dil ke Dhardkan’, ‘Balamji’, “Suna Pardes Balam”,”Rasgulla”,”Pani Bhare Gaine Rama”,etc. She has also provided the playback for multiple generations of the actresses in Bhojpuri cinema.

A tribute to The Shakespear of Bhojpuri Literature – The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur (EMI - 12012) unreleased, is bringing her applause even in distant land countries like Africa, Russia ,China, the U K and the U S A .

Kalpana Patowary”s popularity is as tremendous as a performing artist that for the last 6 years she has been the biggest crowd puller. During her cultural tours sponsored by I C C R (Govt. of India ) of Scotland, Mauritius, Suriname, Trinard & Tobogo, Mascut, Oman, Dubai, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Egypt , with her subtle artistry and mellifluous voice, the Bhojpuri Queen charmed the millions of rural folk and city-bred elites alike.

Her numbers in the Hindi block buster’s  Anil  Kapoor’s -  NO  PROBLEM,  Ajay Devgan’s- AAKROSH, Akshay Kumar’s - KHATTA MEETHA, WELCOME, DE DANA DAN, Shah Rukh Khan’s - BILLU BARBER, ANTARDWAND &  Monty Sharma’s - CHAMKU & MIRCHH have further endeared her countless people in India and abroad.

Awards and honors have come to Kalpana in plenty. She has been recognized with Bhikhari Thakur Samman in Calcutta, Swar Samragee , Bhojpuri Swar Mallika, Bhojpuri Sewa Samman, Bhojpuri Sangam Samman, Panchamrit Samman, Atkrista Gayak Samman, The Bhojpuri Queen to name a few. She was entitled with “Bhojpuri Samragee” and “Swar Kokila” for popularity contribution to folk music of Bihar by Uttar Pradesh and Bihar government.

Kalpana has enthralled music lovers with her flawless singing and even the most multiple generations of the Bhojpuri population have grown up listening to her. There are hundreds of thousands of her fans all around the world. She is the real ambassador of Bihar, a symbol of Bhojpuri music, a soft spoken, humble, cultured and virtuous person and will be remembered forever.

Bihar Foundation, on Bihar Diwas 2012 conveys their deep appreciation for Kalpana Patowary’s contributions to the genre of folk music of the province of Bihar and making an urbane, suave and contemporary presentation of the same to the society at large.

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