Sunday, January 20, 2013

latest ongoing@Project - Kalpana Patowary.

A musical documentation to lay down connections for the future, about the reformer, a wandering philosopher, saint and poet, creative genius and consummate artist Mahapurush Srimanto Shankaradeva and his disciple SRIMANTA MADHAVDEVA in Assam who walked across Northern India, to the source of the Ganges and returned to his people in the cloistered valley of Assam and called for a union of all the people in a united Bharatvarsha. He preached Eka-Sarana-Nama-Dharma a monotheistic doctrine based on the Bhagvata Purana with Surdas, Chandidas, Kabir, Vidyapati the Maithili Poet and Lyricist, Mirabai, Narsi Mehta the poet saint and Bhakta from Gujarat, Vallabhacharya the devotional philosopher from Andhra, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of Bengal at a time when a young 24 year old Guru Nanak was also exploring his own vision of Eka-Sarana-Nama-Dharma which he went on to preach throughout the world as “Ek Omkar Satnam”. It was the dawn of the Bhakti Era. The language used is BRAJAWALI and she will be credited of bringing back some of Assams primitive instruments in collaboration for the first time with Trilok Gurtu - master of Indian music, tabla, percussion, and Western drumming who plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up & son of legendary vocalist Shobha Gurtu.
Kalpana said – the recordings were live sessions and were kept authentic which Trilok Gurtu enjoyed the most. It was an honor to collaborate with such an iconic personality in the world of music. He is the heartthrob for both the classes and the masses.For me, he is just not a percussionist but almost a complete musician.

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