Monday, December 9, 2013

Kalpana Patowary’s trendy turban look in Mahua Tv's Sur Sangram Season 3.

Mahua Tv’s Bhojpuri musical reality show Sur Sangram Season 3 is surely gaining in popularity and adding that zing is by AssameseBhojpuri singer  - The Bhojpuri Queen - Kalpana Patowary.

The singer has made her mark on the reality show, for her singing ability and definitely for her brave fashion choices. Kalpana will be seen in her beautiful gorgeous new avatar – BHOJPURIA-Dil-Se - around her head in a TURBAN or PAGRI.

When asked about her new look in the musical reality show - SUR SANGRAM in MAHUA channel,she  said – I am happy to be a part of all the series of Mahua Tv’s musical reality shows  ie Sur Sangram 1, Sur Sangram 2, Nehle Pe Dehla, Suron Ka Maha Sangram, and expressed that after serving the industry for 13 long years she is now entering the global international musical zone - this too with her Bhojpuri traditional folk elements. And after the huge positive global response of  THE LEGACY OF BHIKHARI THAKUR she got, for the first time felt as a BHOJPURIA AMBASSADOR herself. It’s an intense and emotional feeling, this is not something like an award given by some so called organization. BHOJPURI is my responsibility now…I want this Bhojpuria river to flow into global ocean as far as artistic musical traditions are concerned.

The singer admits her wardrobe decisions have been against the advice of the show's stylists but I need to wear what feels empowering," Kalpana said.

Kalpana one of the judges on the widely-watched Sur Sangram Season 3 is liked as much by the viewers as by the participants for her genteel criticism and encouraging remarks. Does her own stint in reality music shows prompt her to be so? “It was not a stage-managed judging. I did my best to put these youngsters at ease. The idea after all was to help them showcase their best by pointing out what’s wrong and right about their performances without being harsh, she says matter-of-factly. “That’s how I was raised by my parents,” she adds.

Kalpana Patowary in makeup room in Noida

Kalpana owes it to her husband who let her dream and realise it in her own way. “He never allowed me to get carried away by all the attention. He would think several times before letting me take up a project. At Sur Sangram sets, I advised parents not to push their children. Overexposure means overuse of the vocal chords which could lead to tedium and exhaustion.”

But what about the cynics writing off these programmes as mere TRP-driven entertainment shows? “It’s a platform like any other. Titles or awards are not the mark of your success. They are the beginning of a life-long sadhana. Learning should never stop. Discipline of riyaz is a must if you are serious about pursuing an art,” says the singer.

Music alone does not stimulate our Bhojpuri music enough; style is the biggest turn-on today. Bhojpuri Pagri…BHOJPURIA –DIL SE..
Sambhavna Seth & Kalpana Patowary
On the set of Sur Sangram 3 in Noida.
Sur Sangram Season 3


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