Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bengali song “Koka Kola” - MOST ENTERTAINING SONG of 2011 in the 12th Tele Cine Awards, Kolkatta 2012.

Bright, colorful, funny and full of life are some of the best ways to describe “Koka Kola”The fact remains that if at all there is one number that got on everyone's lips in 2011 in West Bengal, it was “Koka Kola”. The song appealed to everyone. Kalpana’s vocal had the kind of energy that took the song to the next level. Undoubtedly the most entertaining song of the year, 'Koka Kola' was raunchy at its best. A catchy tune did the rest and the song played on to be the hit of the year.  This was a superb dance track with a catchy rhythm to boast of. 'Koka Kola' is the kind of song that can well be expected to be a live wire and makes one head for the dance floor. This song generated ample curiosity, among fans and music lovers, there’s no denying this.  Koka Kola, with all its pomp and pizzazz, enjoyable, catchy that makes one tap feet along with it, a fun celebration track with a naughty appeal to it, this track was an instant hit. It's grand. It's great. It's, well, give it a shot. The moment Kalpana Patowary goes 'Koka Kola' in this namesake opening number, you know that this song has become Bengal’s most popular number in the offing here. This song was heard in every nook and corner of the Bengali dominated regions with a huge digital download hit.

This award function was held in SCIENCE CITY AUDITORIUM, KOLKATA on 7th APRIL 2012.

Youtube links for Bengali film - Faande Poriya Boga Kanande.

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