Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF).

And finally another huge one into her account.
Assamese singer and Bhojpuri icon Kalpana Patowary’s - “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” has been 
selected for the 2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF) in the Northeast Shorts Competition open only for filmmakers from northeast.

This festival will be held from May 4th to 6th 2012 and is organized by Creovaent Productions with the theme “anti-tobacco”.

The jury for the  Guwahati Festival (GISFF) has been announced and will be headed by filmmaker Onir, theatre personality Cyrus Dastur, senior filmmaker Gautam Bora, National Award winning director Sanjeev Hazarika and this year’s National Award winning film critic Manoj Barpujari as members.


1st Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012.
“Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” selected as the OFFICIAL SONG and screened to International audiences as the OPENING THEME at the prestigious “1st Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012” from 15th April to 18th April 2012 at Imphal, Manipur, North Eastern India.

CMS VATAVARAN: Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2011.
“Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” screened & awarded the CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION in the prestigious 6th competitive CMS VATAVARAN: Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum in the “BIODIVERSITY CATEGORY” 2011 from 06th to 10th December 2011 in New Delhi.

Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011.
“Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature”, nominated & screened to International audiences for BEST FILM CATEGORY in esteemed Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011 from 18th November to 20th October 2011 at Lucknow.

“Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” selected to the 2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF)

      The Northeast has always been in the news for its people, who has made it proud and Kalpana Patowary has been one of them. A true daughter of the soil, from GUWAHATI – ASSAM, she has left no stone unturned to make her dream come true to become the nation’s foremost singer. The millennium brought a slew of singing projects for Kalpana, when she shifted base from Guwahati to Mumbai. She broke all records when she came to be revered as a top-notch Bhojpuri singer, more aptly known as the Queen of Bhojpuri music world. One successful album led to the other and that is when she decided to work on something really close to her heart – a project which would bring her nearer to home.

Nature and music are closely related and human emotions react to both.  “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” is all about celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature and tuned for the ears of not only music buffs of the Northeast but the world. The music videos have been shot blending the singer with the verdant hues of nature at its best. Kalpana Patowary banks on mystic Northeast which focuses on the pristine beauty of North East India. This video takes the viewers on a journey through some of the minimally visited locales of the Northeast and presents the Northeast like Mawlynong - Cleanest Village in Asia, The Living Root Bridge, Cherrapunjee, once the wettest place on Earth  in all its beauty and grandeur.

Caught up in their fast – paced, technology – driven lives, human beings are forgetting the laws of Nature. Consequently, mankind is imperiled: natural calamities such as tsunami, earthquake is on the rise, global warming is melting glaciers. The music video “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” documents these perils and urges respect for the Nature’s laws for a sustainable future.  Now is the time to reconnect with Mother Earth. How we treat Mother Earth will affect the children yet to be born. Let’s consciously think about the generations to come.                                                                    Let Nature be our Teacher.

A music video with a universal message of motherhood where Kalpana plays symbolically the human race with an inquisitiveness to know the unknown, searching it in NATURE. With the help of natural characters, the singer brings to light a world of love and friendship in its myriad emotions and variations, tries to convey the message. It is indeed tough and challenging to think such a concept, more challenging to convey such a narrative and universal message in a unique way and tell it in a simple manner making it reach to the audience. The music video's storytelling style is sharp, conveying a strong statement. But all credit goes to the singer who conveys a massage in her own creative and innovative way. “Your experience as a child, make you who you are…..” and this video presentation is an expression of who I am. It’s the way I communicate. It makes me who I am as a person, “as she adds.
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