Monday, December 27, 2010

Mood Indigo …..Let me entertain you - Kalpana Patowary.

  Singer - Performer Kalpana left IIT Powai spellbound in a Magical Evening.

"If you've followed my shows, albums, and compositions, you would know that each time I perform I have a different idea in mind."

While Kalpana on Wednesday, attracted and drew all the youths and music lovers of the city, for Fusion Night, MOOD INDIGO IIT Pawai, Mumbai on 22nd Dec 2010 with her mesmerizing and power packed performance to a packed audience. Percussionist Nitin Shankar hired Kalpana to his band to showcase folk & classic elements. Kalpana has become a Global musician in truest sense as she has fused folk music from north east & north India with World music. She collaborates with local musicians to overlay local artistic interpretation and signatures. The show was organized by MOOD INDIGO. It is the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay held towards the end of December every year and the largest festival of its kind in Asia. It attracts a whopping 72,000 students from more than 500 colleges all over the country. Kalpana kick started a two-hour long concert and started her show with her collaborative world music tracks from MASSICAL to loud cheers. Dressed in bohemian attire, the powerhouse of talent fused Bhojpuri & Assamese folk and kept the audience swinging to the music and had them asking for more. Kalpana’s folk music is all about grooves, about colors, about happiness in life and this got reflected from her attire which showed Kalpana’s thoughtfulness about her appearance and her creativity and intellectualism. Says Kalpana, fusing Indian shades, my music is all about colors in life and that reflects my music. Reminiscing about her 2-year-old connect with world music circuit, she said, I am thrilled to be a part of this magnificent & amp; largest festival of its kind in Asia. Kalpana's latest release being with Trilok Gurtu called MASSICAL released internationally from Bird Jam Label Germany and Times Music in India. Another world music project with FASSAL QUARESHI titled RHYTHIMIC DIALOG has been released worldwide through FREE BIRD RECORDS. At present she is busy with her world music project THE LEGACY OF BHIKHARI THAKUR trying to relive the country’s long-forgotten treasure of Bhojpuri folk music. Singer Kalpana, one of Bhojpuri music industry’s celebrity singer, does however go on to add, that her secret to success might lie in her willingness to experiment, believes the husky-voiced singer, who says, "If you've followed my shows, albums, and compositions, you would know that each time I perform I have a different idea in mind."

You can get a feel of her tracks from the YouTube links below and choose whether this world class expression of folk music is made for you.

Mood Indigo – IIT Powai, Mumbai - Presenting Kalpana Patowary.


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