Friday, May 22, 2015

Incredible India | Rediscovering Madhupur Satra | Cooch Behar | West Bengal.


Assam being my place of origin; the land where I had spent my child hood; an integral part of my identity- I could relive my bygone days by this 5 min music video.

Mahapurush Shri Shri Madhavdeva express his great devotion to Lord Krishna.He feels Krishna as his best friend and asked the Lord to rescue/save him from all sufferings of life.He asked Krishna for offering Bhakti Anand Rasa ie the greatest spiritual delights to him. Mahapurush Shri Shri Madhavdeva felt himself as “Patita” ie the down trodder person and asked him to save him from sins & sufferings from the Earth.With the help of this prayer Madhav Deva tries to reach Moksha for himself and entire sansara.

Here Shri Madhav Deva compares Shri Shri Sankardeva as Kalpataru( wish fulfilling tree) and Ram Nama as Ratna.

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