Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brahma Adi - The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut.

World Music or Global Music for me is free from the geographical LOC, where to express a point; one’s thought process does not border itself to a particular language, where only THE BHAVA prevails. It is a dominant scope where traditional or root music can proudly announce its dignity.
This track titled BRAHMA ADI from "The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut" ie NAAMGHOSHA by the bhakti poet Madhavdeva , reveals itself into different sections, namely, māyā- its nature and effects; cosmology- the Brahma; means of self-realisation; psychology of the jiva; the goal of human life.
BRAHMA ADI explains that all the living beings including the lord of creation BRAHMA are sleeping in a dream state being surrounded by Maya. Just as a dreaming man believes in the dream world which is his own creation, the individual self under the influence of māyā forgets its true nature - the pure self, and takes the unreal world, a creation of māyā as real. That is why, He clearly says all that is seen and extended in forms is nothing but an illusion, and as such all of it should be rooted out from the mind. Thus there exists nothing but (Param) Brahman. Param Brahman alone is true in essence, all-pervading, in all space and time.

Please listen to this track as this can uplift your soul. Please listen, like, share and leave a precious feedback. Your feedback is very precious. My latest musical documented WORLD MUSIC album "The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut" in collaboration for  the first time with Trilok Gurtu Germany - master of Indian percussion and Western drumming who plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up, Guru Rewben Mashangva - Father of Naga folk blues, PAPON Angarag Mahanta and Zubeen Garg. # (Its a Times Music Presentation) @

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