Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kalpana Patowary in Suriname on Indian Arrival Day 2014.

Kalpana Patowary with Roy A. Adelaar BA

A Dear NOTE from Roy A. Adelaar BA Suriname

Dear friends,
How's live
I am still remember you kindly appear in Suriname
As specially your angle voice
even if I don't understand what you are singing about
Under the need of pray I'm enjoying your voice very well
The music (sound of instrument) (the performance of the band) is more than what harmony need
I can stand the distant between your sweet, harmonic and spiritual music
May I request you to forwards the email of  Ms. Kalpana Potawary for me
A dear lady wants to communicate with you. I think that she fall in love with your songs and your voice.
After your second performance I start listening to your record Maa - E - Ri and I can’t stop listening to it in my car, office and home.
The quality of deep touchable song and music I like to hear.
The thing to love
Like to hear of you as soon as possible friends
Roy A. Adelaar BA
Head of the Department for Cultural Relation and Manifestation (CUBEMAN)
Directorate of Culture
Ministry of Education and Community Development
van Rooseveltkade # 3, 
Phone / fax:597.424749
Mobile: 597.8925026

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