Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Gandi Baat' from R... Rajkumar gets one million hits – Kalpana Patowary & Mika Singh.

Mumbai: 'Gandi Baat' the song from director Pradu Deva's upcoming movie 'R…Rajkumar' is an absolutely peppy and naughty number sung by Kalpana Patowary & Mika Singh and penned by Anupam Amod.

The peppy dance track 'Gandi Baat' features Prabhu Deva & Sahid Kapoor along with film's lead actress Sonakshi Sinha.

'Gandi Baat' has proven to be a good thing for Kalpana as  the singer is now on cloud nine and has started getting so many film songs offers. Kalpana has given her that has been picturized on Sonam Kapoor. And this song has already hit 1 million hits on you tube and has become a chart buster with fans.

She had many opportunities to sing for Hindi films and has already playblacked in more than 100 Hindi feature films like Anil  Kapoor’s -  NO  PROBLEM,  Ajay Devgan’s- AAKROSH, Akshay Kumar’s - KHATTA MEETHA (aila re aila mast cha maila), AAKROSH (tere ishk se meetha kutch bhi nahi), WELCOME (ek uncha lamba kad), DE DANA DAN (Hotty Naughty), Shah Rukh Khan’s - BILLU BARBER (billo bhayankar), NO PROBLEM (baba da kripa & shakira se bhi jyada) etc.

For those who could not catch up "Gandi Baat" with Mika Singh from film R Rajkumar.Releasing on 6th December  2013 - music by Pritam. Chekout@

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