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RIFF 2013 - Rajasthan International Folk Festival - Kalpana Patowary to present Bhikhari Thakur's Bhojpuri folk traditional music in October 2013.

Jodhpur RIFF on its way.

The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur.

Some of the other highlights for this year are –

Daud Khan Sadozai, master and living legend of the Robab, an Afghani lute-like instrument, gives a virtuoso performance. Daud Khan then collaborates with the young classical Sarangi maestro Dilshad Khan and oud master Joseph Tawadros.

Gypsy Allstars: The 'Gypsy Allstars" lead by Cedric Leonardi, Mario Reyes and Antonio Carmona presenting a special performance at RIFF this year - come to India for the first time on a project called "Return to Rajasthan". Their repertoire will include collaborations with Rajasthani artists on new pieces, as well as new arrangements of some iconic and joyful familiar songs - Volare, Bomboleo, Un Amour and so many more.

The Manganiyar of Marwar: Jodhpur RIFF presents glimpses of the immense repertoire and varied skills of this prolific musician community throughout the festival... including a dawn concert featuring the vocal beauty of the brothers Barkat and Jalal khan Manganiyar singing bhajans to the folk deity Bananath; an interactive session with stalwarts of the community; Manganiyar musicians at the Desert Lounge; and the premiere of a new performance created by them.

Desert Lounge: What started as an experiment has become something quite special at Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur RIFF presented a Sharad Poornima, all-acoustic Rajasthani folk concert in the Rao Jodha Desert and Rock Park. Pradeep Krishen (filmmaker, environmentalist and the curator/ designer of the park) was inspired by the event and since then, has arranged all-acoustic Manganiyar artists' concerts on every full moon night between March-September this year. Jodhpur RIFF 2013 will some of these and many more artists at its second Sharad Poornima midnight concert on the 18th of October this year.

Introducing the folk accordion - with Linda Gytri (Norway) and SPIRO (England): Jodhpur RIFF presents two groups from Europe, both featuring the accordion, the hallmark of much of the folk music of that continent, but set to very different music. One, lilting and melodic and the other, mesmeric and impassioned.
Bidesia in Bambai

Jodhpur RIFF embarks on a new exploration of our relationships to traditional music by looking at "Jahaji Music" and "Bidesia in Bambai" - two documentary films by Surabhi Sharma exploring the movement of Bhojpuri music and a special performance on the Legacy of Bhikari Thakur by Kalpana Patowary.

Maru Tarang - collaboration between Jeff Lang, folk/jazz singer, guitarist and songwriter and Asin Langa on Sindhi Sarangi, accompanied by Bobby Singh on tabla and Bhungar Manganiyar on khartal.

The festival is open to the public; donor passes will be available online from August 26, 2013 at


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Kalpana Patowary
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