Monday, June 11, 2012

Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr Anil Kumar BACHOO releases “The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” in Port Louis,Mauritius.

Assamese singer and Bhojpuri icon Kalpana Patowary was a hit among community members in Mauritius with the release of her musical documentation “The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” produced by  London based Music label EMI/Virgin Records.

About a hundred people from Mauritius came out to see Kalpana Patowary perform who wowed local crowds with a stirring performance at the M.G.I. Auditorium in Moka.
The crowd was kept entertained during the three-hour show and was mesmerized by the beautiful song renditions by the singer.
Ms Kalpana was pleased with the reception she received by the crowd in while she delivered her beautiful folk songs many of which have featured in movies.
Says  the singer, I got the opportunity to travel to Port Louis - Mauritius for performances on ‘50 years of Bhojpuri Films’ on invitation from Art and Culture Ministry Govt. of Mauritius & Shashwatam Foundation Mauritius from 31st May to 7th June 2012 accompanied by and members of the Bhojpuri Film fraternity with renounced actress Pakhi Hedge, Bhojpuri villain – Awdesh Mishra, Bhojpuri comedian – Manoj Tiger, Coreographer – Pappu Khanna, Abhay Sinha - Film Producer, Aslam Sheikh – Film Director, Raaj Kumar Pandey - Film Director, C P Singh (Speaker Of Jharkhand), Ravikant Dubey (Chairman Bhojpuri Academy, Bihar), B N Tiwari - Bhaijee Bhojpuria, Kuldeep Srivastav – Editor Bhojpuri Panchayat, Editor – Bihari Khabar (Bipin Singh).

It was a historical - memorable and a proud moment in my musical journey and I was extremely happy that His Excellency, Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr Anil Kumar BACHOO  along with Minister of Arts & Culture - Mr. Mookhesswur CHOONEE released the ravishing legacy of  Bhojpuri musical documentation “The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” at the Prime Minister's Office, New Treasury Building, Intendance Street Port Louis, Mauritius.

Produced by London based music label EMI/Virgin records, the album is a tribute to noted Shakespeare Bhojpuri litterateur Bhikhari Thakur.

I was also presented with a memento and citations for distinct contributions in the promotions of Bhojpuri music all around the world.

Kalpana adds - “I want to make Bhojpuri music proud. This was a great moment & opportunity and I am very excited.”

Since, the early 1830s when the Bihari immigrants arrived in Mauritius, Bhojpuri language and Bhojpuri culture have played a crucial role in preserving their identity. Today you also speak English, French and Creole, but the popularity of "Kaharwa", "Barahmasa", "Nautanki", "Ramayani", "Bidesia" etc in Mauritius indicates the vibrant and strong connection with Bihari culture. These shared cultural ties facilitate mutual cooperation between Mauritius and Bihar.

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