Friday, November 11, 2011

“Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” in the news again !


Kalpana Patowary - ‘It is my proudest moment’.

              “Maa-e-Ria lyrical conversation with Mother Nature”, a Hindi music video with a unique concept produced & conceived by the creative heads of MUSIC BOX STUDIOS has been been nominated for BEST FILM category  in esteemed Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011. The music video will be screened to international audiences at this year’s Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011. The festival will take place from 18th November to 20th October 2011 at Lucknow.  

               Says Kalpana, “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature” is an inspirational awareness AUDIO – VISUAL. This is a universe of vibration. Before birth we all are a dancing consciousness in a non physical dimension. Non – physical language is of vibration and non physical families are those of intensions. This is also true of our physical world, of our planet Earth, although most of us have forgotten. However, there is one source energy which is constantly reminding and guiding us of who we are - our very own Mother Nature. Trees are symbols, the celestial light (Sun) is a hidden language, Water a mysterious statement made by a creator who tries to communicate with us through his creations. “Maa-e-Ri“ is the musical evolution of my soul. Here, the USP of my idea is my strong intention to heal the whole of our human race. Let be peace everywhere! Let Nature be our Teacher.

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