Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to school - Kalpana Patowary.

T.C. Government Girls High School,Guwahati.I was very naughty in my school days.Music classes were also held there, so we used to enjoy the school days very much.I was very good in studies too.School days are a mix of fun and knowledge.
I remember my manju madam, who taught us Mathematics in 8th class.She was my favourite and was one of the best and interesting teachers.And she was not only my favourite but also everyone”s favorite.I remember, once we did so much of naughtiness that our Hindi teacher got irrated and started crying but Manju ma”am knew how to handle us.We ourselves in her class never tried to do anything.We hamesha apna dost bana kar humko padati thi.Incidents were many,but I just want to say that teachers always trusted me.Amongst other optional subjects,I had taken Music as my additional subject.Whenever there was a chorus I used to participate in it.Teachers loved me for that.Teachers are the second face of parents.”Jaise Krishna Ko Janam diya Devki ne lekin bada kiya Yashoda maiya ne,usi tarahhame janam to diya hamari Maa ne lekin padaya-badaya hamare teachers ne.Hum aaj jo kuch bhi hain unhi ki wajah se hain".
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