Monday, June 29, 2015

Guyana's 48th Independence anniversary celebrations | Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Antony,Guyana

Invited by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Antony, Guyana Govt and the acting Indian High Commissioner to perform for Guyana's 48th Independence anniversary celebrations.
Its very emotional one for me as I think about how the Indians left behind, in India, their own land and family to come to Guyana.
Guyana observes a number of significant events including Arrival Day which signifies the coming of Guyanese ancestors from different parts of the world.
Yesterdays performance at the Indian Monument Gardens in Georgetown, which features a beautiful monument of a ship that signifies the first one that brought Indian indentured immigrants to Guyana. The sculpture was done in India.
We will also perform at State House in New Amsterdam, Berbice a location significant where not far from there, the original set of Indian indentured immigrants landed.

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