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Ugratara Sanskritik Mahotsav 2013 | Mahishi Saharsa | Organized by Deptt. of Tourism, Bihar.

Kalpana Patowary set to promote Bhojpuri folk music in Sri Ugratara Sanskritik Mahotsav 2013 , Mahishi Saharsa - organized by Deptt. of Tourism, Bihar.

"Shri Ugratara Sanskritik Mahotsav" is an annual function organized by Tourism Department of Bihar in the divine, cultured and archeologically  important land of Ugratara and Bharti and Mandan in Mahishi , Saharsa.  

The Mahotsav first celebrated in Year 2012 on 17th and 18th October and is now in calender of Deptt. of Tourism for annual celebration.  Famous singer KalpanaPatowary from Mumbai started her performance late in evening with her  famous number “Jekar nath bholenath…………. ”after addressing everyone  in local maithili language and Ganesh vandana.

The magical moment of the stage was presentation of rich Bhojpuri folk Bideshiya & Nautanki of Late   Bhikhari Thakur often called “The Shakespear of Bhojpuri” by one of his fellow troop member 105 yrs. old Sri Ramagya Ram and his team along  with Kalpana Patowary. People even from remote places were stationed till the end of programme around 2 O’clock and hardly there was any space left in ground which has capacity of more than 10 thousand people.

The singer said, something unusual happened on 6th October,in Mahishi…Saharsa,UGRATARA MAHOTSAV,Bihar Tourism.Near about a lakh people…it’s not uncommon for me in Uttar pradesh and Bihar..People go crazy. And local administration had to show some aggression. Its normal for me coz it’s been now 12 years witnessing the same situation now and then…but then something happened that is and will be memorable for me…it was heavenly and blissful when the 105 years old RAMAGYA RAM JI entered with his local country troop..and I was there besides him sharing my vocal renditions…BHIKHARI THAKUR is not physically present today. But that particular night I felt as if he himself was present, as if he relieved that moment through RAMAGYA JI.RAMAGYA JI himself was a strong member from BHIKHARI THAKUR NARTAK MANDALI.We started with the song’ e more gangaji’..from GANGASNAN…then raamlilagaan and NETUA with pakhawaj..ahha…as if MAA UGRATARA’S aura felt. Energy vibrated!!!

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