Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Singer-Performer Kalpana left DOHA city spellbound in a Magical Evening.

Let me entertain you.......

While Kalpana on Tuesday,the first day of Eid Al Adha attracted and drew all the youths and music lovers of the city, to the M.E.S. Indian school ground, Abu Hamour,DOHA,Qatar with her mesmerizing performance to a packed audience.
The show Eid Utsav –KALPANA NITE 2010 on the 16th November 2010 was organized by NEPAL MITHILA ART COUNCIL & SAPTARI WALFARE ORGANISATION.
Kalpana kickstarted a three-hour long concert and started her show with a heart-warming rendition of the famous song Balamji to loud cheers and dedicated this song to all those audience who are far away from their families. Singer Kalpana made them feel at home with all her hit numbers. Dressed in a blue saree, the powerhouse of talent belted beautiful numbers in Bhojpuri, Hindi, English,Bengali,Punjabi and Marathi and kept the audience swinging to the music and had them asking for more.
Singer Kalpana is the darling of the North Indian belt and has carved herself a special niche in the Bhojpuri music world credited with reviving and promoting the Bhojpuri music industry all over the world and bringing back traditional forms of music to the International stage. Indian folk music particularly of Northern India & North East has been showcased and revived by Kalpana in a big way.
Singer Kalpana,The Bhikari Thakur award winner, one of Bhojpuri music industry’s highest honors, does however go on to add, that her secret to success might lie in her willingness to experiment, believes the husky-voiced singer, who says, "If you've followed my shows, albums, and compositions, you would know that each time I perform I have a different idea in mind." The singer, who enjoys attending live shows, recalls a packed audience performance at the SAMBANDH 2010,THE NATIONAL FOOD AND FOLK FESTIVAL at Jamshedpur on 21st November 2010 when she was honoured with THE BHIKARI THAKUR AWARD by THE BISHWA BHOJPURI SAMAJ for her new World Music project on Bhikari Thakur. She paid a tribute by singing one of the songs from her album to The Shakespear of Bhojpuri Literature. Says Kalpana,It's time to realize this." I felt so good."
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