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Projections by Kalpana Patowary.

AssameseBhojpuri Singer

A Wonderful Life - Kalpana Patowary  (As told to MB) 

1 Dream Job

Someday I’ll be happy to see myself appointed directly to the Council of States in the Upper House of the Parliament of India. I think now we are living in two India. One is shining and the other one largely populated is still downtrodden. If my involvement can make at least 5000 people smile it’ll be worth living in this planet.

2 Fixed Capital

a      I dreamt to take Bhojpuri music to International level. “The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” made me see the heavenly glimpse in the horizon. Bhojpuri boli is global now and musically the coming generations will continue this legacy.

Kalpana & Ram Mangia in RIFF Jodhpur
Kalpana & Ram Mangia in RIFF Jodhpur

b      My latest musical documentation about Assam’s involvement in  VAISHNAV MOVEMENT later known as the BHAKTI MOVEMENT and about the reformer, a wandering philosopher, saint and poet, creative genius and consummate artist MAHAPURUSH SRIMANTO SHANKARADEVA and his disciple MAHAPURUSH SRIMANTA MADHAVDEVA where I collaborated for the first time with Trilok Gurtu - master of Indian music, tabla, percussion, and Western drumming from Germany who plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up and Guru Rewben Mashangva - King of Naga folk blues.
Kalpana Patowary & Trilok Gurtu in Studio.

3 Perks

a      First, The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur was produced by a London based music label EMI /Virgin Records and released by the Mauritius Prime minister with a first ever price tag of Rs 195/ for Bhojpuri CDs.

b       Secondly, I was invited by the U.P Culture @ Tourism Dept. to perform in the mega musical extravaganza – “The Greatest show on Earth” – The Maha Kumbh Mela 2013. I could perform the “Maha Snaan” in the Sangam and my Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur got all the blessings by the Mahamandeleshwars in one of the camps.

c   Thirdly, got the opportunity to fuse Assamese @ Bhojpuri folk in two tracks with the most complicated intelligent percussionist Trilok Gurtu’s album – Massical released from BIRDjam label Germany. It was also a dream come true as he introduced me in India’s Happiest Festival - Bacardi NH7 Weekender Pune @  Bandra Fort Festival to the electrifying crowd.
Album Massical released in 2009

At NH7 Pune

d     I feel special as (The Writers and Journalist Association of India) is writing a Biography on me. Myself Born in Barpeta - a small district in Assam, and brought up in Guwahati, WAJA (Writers and Journalist Association of India) thinks that many more ladies will be inspired to chase their dreams.
Ma Mansa Mandir, Saksaka Sarbhog Barpeta
Sorbhog Barpeta

4 Net Loss

While in school college time I was an ardent follower of Mariah Carey style of singing. Somehow folk became my forte and jazz; soul or blues singing took the back seat. Still through the English song Maa-e-Ri I am trying to revive and transfer this loss, fixing it as capital for my future and hope someday it will return me
  as net profit.

5 Net Profits

Born and brought up as an Assamese, the culture and heritage I carry is my passion. With that burning passion I travelled through the heart land of India U.P # Bihar and the legacy of Kabir, Tulsi Das, Mouryan Emperor Ashoka, Buddha, Chanakya and many more  inspired and purified me. Today I am shining, enlightened and ready to light up the whole globe.


6 Future Projections

Everything I do in life, I want to carve myself on hearts and be a LEGACY etched into minds of others to be remembered and followed.

7 Investment Advices

Fly high to infinity….but remember from where u started.

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