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Bhikhari Thakur's 126th Birth Anniversary | Top 50 Most Revolutionary Artists of the Past 100 Years.


Channar from Bhikhari Thakur's mandali
Bhikhari Thakur's 126th Birth Anniversary
Bhikhari Thakur's 126th Birth Anniversary
DM of Chapra, Bihar

‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur continues……’

Kalpana Patowary an Assamese by birth, a stalwart in the annals of India’s cultural heritage brings a revolutionary twist in the Bhojpuri music scenario. It’s unbelievable right? But yes it’s true, she hails from Assam, she and her forefathers do not have any connections to UP – Bihar.Yet today, when one thinks of Bhojpuri music world, be it film music or traditional non-film one, you have to take Kalpana Patowary’s name as if she is The Bhojpuria Musical Ambassador.
Rakesh Thakur,Grandson of Bhikhari Thakur

“The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” is the latest proof that she expels. Bhikhari Thakur – the Shakespeare of Bhojpuri Literature – was never explored in long 100 years’ time – Nor even the native artists ever think of it. Why?????

Well that’s a complete different story which we need to think. But after a decade someone comes from Assam to recognize his true artistic spirit. Wow! a salute you deserve Kalpana.

When asked, she says, “being from Assam late Dr Bhupen Hazarika is someone whom I adore as my musical school, an inspiration, a musical artists whose contributions went beyond mere entertainment and actually altered the art form, the business or the technology of popular music. Bhupen Hazarika is not only a singer but a revolutionary figure, a social observer – how can we forget – Ganga bahti ho kyon! He is not a mere singer, composer or lyricist. From river Brahmaputra – Ganga to Missisipi – Nelson Mandela – he sang, he expressed his thoughts. I am here to follow his footsteps.When Bhojpuri happened to me professionally I sang every lyricists thoughts,every music directors notations. But one fine day when I thought of who is the Dr Bhupen Hazarika of Bhojpuri world…..I got to know about this illiterate barber  Bhikhari Thakur who carries the same spirit, same pain, same concern for his people like Dr Bhupen Hazarika.

Rakesh Thakur,Grandson of Bhikhari Thakur
In the early 1990s, Bhikhari Thakur was the mumbled voice of revolution. Amongst all the upheavals, all the excitement and tragedy of that discordant decade, what Bhikhari Thakur said was heartening and poetic, and it made great sense to young people. His literature, his bold movement to revolt through his songs was marvelous. He has always been so much a bard of contemporaneous events; he is also, unequivocally a poet and lyricist whose vision has always been uncompromisingly humanistic and intimately associated with several of the region’s movements, he is a bard with a social conscience, a troubadour who mirrors society. But there is also anger in many of his songs of this genre, a deep and genuine anger against social injustices. The people of Bihar should sing his songs as weapon when there is a necessity to change or revolution within the society. He should also be considered as Top 50 Most Revolutionary Artists of the Past 100 Years.

Bhikhari Thakur’s literature & songs should become a part and parcel of Bhojpuri culture. The songs not only have a respect among all class of Bhojpuri society but also played a significance role in educating, awakening and informing them about their own identity.
Original Bhikhari Thakur Mandali

So, I decided to search and collect some of his art, his legacy must continue. After 3 years of research The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur got complete.

Now today on 20th December 2013 The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur came a long way. Here in Chapra, today I am here for The Legacy presentation. This is the 2nd time when I performed The Legacy. First it was in RIFF 2013, Jodhpur. Secondly on the 126th birth anniversary of the legend himself here in Chapra.This time Art & Culture Dept. Bihar Govt. took the initiative.

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