Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Leaping to Coke Studio: Kalpana Patowary.

Coke Studio @MTV is back for its third run as it continues to celebrate the spirit of Indian music in all its glory. This year, Coke Studio @ MTV brings featured artist Bhojpuri Queen Kalpana Patowary with Angarag Papon MahantaEiC.

Accredited and hailed as a prodigy in the world of Bhojpuri music. “She gave Bhojpuri music a new twist”. Critic wrote that she changed the art of Bhojpuri vocals.

As she says, at first let me express my gratitude to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to explore this planet Earth as an artiste, a musician celebrating diversity and celebrating originality as a featured artist…this is what I felt and realized today here in the second day rehearsals of the third season of Coke Studio @ Mtv which will start airing this mid-August 2013.

Coke Studio has always been big in my mind and I have been following the show since its launch in Pakistan, and both seasons of the Indian edition were excellent. I hail from Assam geographically… Assamese music has mysticism. Very much influenced by the bard of Bramhaputra - Dr Bhupen Hazarika I moved to Mumbai with high hopes…and one fine day I find myself ruling the hearts of the heartland of India (UP & Bihar).  Bhojpuri, a lokbhasha or folklore spoken in 14 nations all over the world and in major towns, cities of India.  It is widely spoken in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and some parts of Madhya Pradesh.I got the opportunity to explore it and during its course tried to feel the pulse of my rural India, its society, civilization and culture. Then I got to know about the "Shakespeare  of Bhojpuri Literature“,Bhikhari Thakur best known for the creation of the twentieth century theatre form “Bidesia”. Bhikari Thakur was a barber (a backward Caste) who abandoned home and hearth to form a group of actors who dealt with issues of confrontation: between the traditional and the modern, between urban and rural, between the haves and the have-nots. Appreciative native Bhojpuri audiences consider Bhikari Thakur as the incomparable founder father, propagator and exponent par excellence of this form. I researched and captured   the legend musically to introduce to the world and ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ happened.

I feel blessed to have been born in a country that speaks so many different languages and dialects. I have no barriers in terms of languages. In Mumbai, diction was a problem at first being from Assam. Pronunciation of a Hindi song became a problem but by God’s grace I proved myself in the Bhojpuri language which is even more problematic. That's what worked in my favor. I am one of the few luckiest artists who get invited to Kashmir as well as to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to Assam, only because I sing in so many different languages. I have sung in 25 different languages till now, Every language have its own vibrations….but today I am not here to render Assamese or Bhojpuri stuff..East India Company(EiC) planned a royal Rajasthani tour for myself..time to re-live my Famina..this time with Rajasthani gestures!

Watch Kalpana Patowary’s performance in Mtv Coke Studio Season 3.

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